Direct Mailing Postcards

Direct Mailing Postcards

Businesses can use direct mail postcard campaigns to reach potential customers in spaces where they have to compete with fewer brands, allowing them to enjoy good results with less risk than other marketing tactics.

Postal mail also allows companies to acquire new customers, with measurement and monitoring options very similar to online marketing.

We live in an era of booming online marketing. But we can also acquire new customers in other ways. In fact, there are postal mail formulas that will allow us to increase our databases, capture leads, gain brand image or directly impact potential customers. All of these objectives are essential for small and medium-sized companies and can be achieved through personalized mail marketing.

Using direct mail postcard advertising as a marketing channel has a number of advantages over other alternatives. Let's see what those advantages are:

1. It generates a more familiar feeling in your potential customers

There is no doubt that receiving a physical mailing causes a completely different feeling than receiving a regular email. This can be due to a myriad of reasons, but mainly two. The first is that people enjoy more memorable experiences, and the interaction we can have with physical mail involves more senses than the ones we use to read a digital mail. The second big reason is that our digital mailbox is already a place completely saturated by newsletters, spam, and promotional mail; in contrast, our physical mailbox is a more intimate space where we generally receive the correspondence that really matters to us. This produces a sense of familiarity with your business in the people who receive your direct mail.

2. Postcards allow you to save on costs

Direct mail for businesses tactics, compared to other digital advertising strategies, are cheaper to implement. This allows you to test your ideas and validate your target audiences without committing as significant an investment as would otherwise be the case.

3. You have high levels of personalization

Specificity and versatility in terms of personalization of your marketing messages is not only a quality you enjoy in digital spaces. With direct mail marketing with postcards, you can also specify your distribution criteria to target the audience you are interested in. In addition, you also have the possibility to create specific content for potential customers who will receive your material.

4. It's easy to implement

With services like ours at Mail King, implementing direct mailing tactics is quite simple. Our solution is ready to be used, and you only have to worry about what really matters, which is your target audience and the material they will receive.

5. This method has better open rates than its digital counterpart

More than 50% of Americans read everything that arrives in their physical mailbox. This means that you have a better chance that your target audience will read your message here than in a cluttered email inbox.

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Direct Mailing Postcards
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Direct Mailing Postcards
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