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3 Tips For Creating The Perfect Online Marketing Dashboard

So you've decided that you are ready to create an online marketing dashboard and you wish to track various metrics of your business. While this may seem like a snap to some, there are others who may find themselves confused when it comes to the proper methodology for establishing an online marketing dashboard of their own.

Let's take a closer look at the following tips for creating a top notch online marketing dashboard. By reading on to learn more, you can remove a great deal of the guesswork from the process.

1. Determining Your Purpose

Every company should have their own unique sense of purpose when creating a marketing dashboard for their online efforts. There are no shortage of dashboards that you could build, so taking the time to determine your true purpose is very necessary. This will keep you from potentially forcing yourself into a dashboard that is not actually designed to assist you in any meaningful way.

For example, did you know that there are online marketing dashboards of different varieties? An operational dashboard is the best choice for those who wish to monitor various real time issues, while a strategic dashboard is the more popular choice for those who are directors and executive board members. Don't make the mistake of choosing one of these when a marketing dashboard is what will work best.

2. Know Your Recipient

To piggyback on the last point, you are going to need to know who the dashboard is actually for. Ask yourself one important question: who will be monitoring this board? That tells you everything you need to know about the board that you are going to create. Is this something that the CEO is going to be taking a closer look at or is this something for your marketing manager's eyes only?

When you are creating an online marketing dashboard, you need to consider the needs of the marketing manager first. The information that is being provided to them needs to be delivered in a manner that is succinct and truly useful. In depth tracking is a must and you'll want to use the correct analytic tools as well. Keep your audience in mind at all times.

3. Prioritizing

As with any other decision that you are going to be making, it is important to properly prioritize. What matters to one person is not going to matter to another and that's why you need to think long and hard about the information that is being presented. Information overload is a common issue and you'll need to decide what truly matters and what does not. Otherwise, you could find yourself making things more confusing than they need to be.

Just because you may have access to certain metrics and want to report on them does not mean that they are necessary or crucial to your success. There's no reason why you need to worry about crafting a board that is overly elaborate. Decide on the information that is actually important early on and stick with your gut instincts as much as possible.


Online Marketing Dashboard
Online Marketing Dashboard
Online Marketing Dashboard
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