Sponsorships For Gamers

Sponsorships For Gamers

With the soaring popularity of search engines and social media, it’s safe to say that online marketing completely disrupted advertising for brands. We help match brands to the most relevant content creators on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Cloutboost helps find sponsorships for gamers and non-gamers from brands that are relevant to their content.

What can you provide for online content creators?

When they first started, a medium like YouTube helped content creators reach a wider audience. A fantastic side effect of that was that brands saw this as an opportunity to advertise their products that relate to the content of the videos. So, it’s a win-win situation for both the brand and the creator. Through the use of analytics, we help creators find great new sponsorship opportunities.

We work with both gaming and non-gaming brands to identify matches between them and content creators. As content creators, it can be quite tricky to find products that are relevant to your content. If you advertise products that are irrelevant to your content and audience, the brands won’t make many sales, and it will bore your audience.

By only matching brand sponsors that are relevant to your content, we help you continue creating content that you love, but also receive income from it. This will allow your channel to grow and further improve your marketing potential. Looking for brands that offer sponsorships for gamers? Get in touch with us.

Common ways influencers incorporate sponsorships into their content

There are multiple ways that influencers create sponsored content, which includes things like placing video ads, unboxing videos to giveaway videos. Placing a video ad is one of the most common ways to include brand content. It consists of a short video from the brand (usually around 30 seconds) in the video. These are the ones you typically see at the start or in the middle of a YouTube video.

Video ad placing requires almost no input from the influencer, but other methods need more involvement from them. One is to create a dedicated video that focuses entirely on the product or service itself, for example, by doing a review video.

You’ll also notice the incredible popularity of unboxing videos, where influencers video themselves opening a package from the brand. It showcases the packaging and creates some tension while opening the box.

Which types of content should you create for different brands or products?

Generally, unboxing and dedicated videos are best for more expensive brands or products. They’re also better for brands that you actually use and have a long history with. The products and brands have to be directly related to your content and channel for this to work.

Shorter ones like ad placements or giveaway videos are less personal and better for less expensive products or brands. Ad placements are convenient for those who don’t have time to create dedicated content, and the products don’t need to relate to your content.

Do you want to get in touch with brands that offer sponsorships for gamers and non-gamers? Contact Cloutboost to increase your marketing potential.

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